WE WERE HEREOfficial selection 2011 Sundance Film Festival and 61st Berlin International Film Festival
Click here to visit website > THIRSTPOV on PBS THE COCKETTESOfficial selection (2002) Sundance Film Festival and (52nd) Berlin International Film Festival LA Film Critics Best Documentary of (2002) Independent Spirit Awards nominee HOPE ALONG THE WINDThe Life of Harry Hay-(2002) San Francisco International Film Festival Golden Gate Award--SF Frameline Film Festival PBS Screenings feature docsHOPE ALONG THE WIND
FINAL CHOICE America Struggles with the Right to Die SECRETS OF SILICON VALLEY
RACHEL'S DAUGHTERSHBO premier HIV:<title><br><text1>uninfected (does not = ) un-affected 8-30 second PSA's-- Golden Gate Award San Francisco International Film Festival, Emmy nomination<text1> <title>CARLOS LOARCABiennale Intenationale du Film sur L'Art, Centre George Pompidou, Paris, 1st prize San Antonio Cinefestival SONG FROM AN ANGELBerlin International Film Festival, Telluride, Whitney Museum UNCOMMON PLACESThe Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, Gold Medal New York Film Festival Gold Hugo Chicago International Film Festival (DP, co-editor and co-director) WHO'S SUPPORTING THE KIDS?Blue Ribbon American Film Festival and Bronze Medal International Film and Television Festival of New York YEAR OF THE EAGLEColumbia-DuPont Award Corporation for Public BroadcastingWomen-in-Training Grant for Cinematographer-Editor ]]>